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You started a business with a dream to sell a valuable product or service to a needy world. You know that out of the 5 billion people on the planet now with internet access there are plenty of ideal clients and customers. What’s the best way to reach them? We can help. We have just what you need- business coaching, landing page and website design, social media marketing, video editing, and professional photography. Let’s have a no-pressure 15 minute conversation about the possibilities of growing your business to the next level. What have you got to lose? Schedule a call.


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I am always recommending Julie and 5B Creative to my business colleagues.  Julie’s skills, professionalism, and intelligence have made her invaluable to me in building the side of my business that tends to challenge me the most– marketing and advertising to attract my ideal clients in to my business.




Hi Julie,

Thanks so much for the call this morning and for having patience with me as I figure things out. 

I got off our call feeling so much more in line with who I am and what I’m about. I want my business to be crazy successful with hundreds (and eventually thousands) of members, but not at the expense of being genuine. It’s all about helping people… and creating an income too. 

I felt pretty inspired after our call and got to work right away on the next step we talked about…”



“OMG Julie, it is gorgeous! I can hardly contain myself…You’ve done a brilliant job and I can’t tell you how grateful I am.”


nearly 75% of the world will use just their smartphones to access the internet by 2025

Are you ready? Can your potential clients navigate your website easily on their phone and sign up for a discovery call?  We’ll take a look at your website and see if it’s ready for our fast changing world.

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