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1. Lead Generating Website

Lead generation is the process of welcoming visitors, inviting interest, and beginning a relationship with a future client. We build websites that generate daily leads.

2. Irresistible Lead Magnets

Fun quizzes, interactive questionnaires, templates, printables, checklists, planners, 14 day challenges are all examples of a great lead magnet. We’ll help you identify which one makes the most sense for your business, create it, and strategically place it on your website.

3. Automated Follow-Up

We’ll create an automated follow-up system, which could include some or all of the following: Live chat, email, text messaging, and personalized video messaging.

Are You…

  • Eager to share your expertise and experience with a needy world?
  • Unsure about the best ways to leverage technology in 2021?
  • Confused, frustrated or overwhelmed?
  • Discouraged by gurus who have taken your money but have not gotten you the results you had hoped for?

Coaching & Consulting

  • Easy access to expert advice when you’re stuck or frustrated with technology.
  • Gain clarity and focus. 
  • Identify simple action steps to move forward.
  • Don’t go it alone- connect with a virtual marketing partner who cares about your success!

simple marketing solutions

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Discover what customers are saying about 5B Creative

Dr. Ginny Trieweiler

“I am always recommending Julie and 5B Creative to my business colleagues.  Julie’s skills, professionalism, and intelligence have made her invaluable to me in building the side of my business that tends to challenge me the most– marketing and advertising to attract my ideal clients in to my business.




Hi Julie,

Thanks so much for the call this morning and for having patience with me as I figure things out. 

I got off our call feeling so much more in line with who I am and what I’m about. I want my business to be crazy successful with hundreds (and eventually thousands) of members, but not at the expense of being genuine. It’s all about helping people… and creating an income too. 

I felt pretty inspired after our call and got to work right away on the next step we talked about…”


Liz Miller

Working with 5B Creative was a dynamic experience – they were collaborative, creative, flexible, and worked diligently to make sure our new website reflected our organization. They took our website forward 20 years with their modern design! Our new website has drawn in visitors, engaged our membership, and has helped us amplify our presence online. We couldn’t have done it without them, and look forward to working with them for all of our future digital needs.”


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