20 Ways to Build Your Business Online

We live in an age of unprecedented opportunity.

To build a business in 2020, you need an internet connection, a laptop, time and wisdom. There are so many ways to connect with your ideal clients. I’ve compiled a list of twenty different ways to begin building your business online. Consider these options:


1. Write a Blog

2. Start a Podcast

3. Create a Facebook Group

4. Offer 1-on-1 Coaching to your audience

5. Offer Group Coaching

6. Ask for Testimonials, take Before & After Pics, ask for Referrals

7. Create and promote online courses

8. Write a book and sell it online

9. Build an email list with opt-ins

10. Partner with others- joint ventures

11. Reach out through Email marketing

12. Create webinars

13. Reach more clients through FB Ads

14. Create your own YouTube channel

15. Record your speaking Gigs

16. Post on Instagram, Twitter

17. Connect on LinkedIn

18. Create a conversion-optimized website

19. Create conversion-optimized Landing Pages

20. Create an irresistible Lead Magnet

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7 + 9 =

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