Dear Uncle Joe,

I got your message about that GoDaddy commercial you saw. Think you can create your own website? Or, figure out Facebook ads on your own? Have you tried to do either of these things ? How long did it take? Did you like your finished product?  Did you finish? Or, give up-defeated.

Having a small start-up business of your own is hard, add the frustration of technology to it and it’s enough to make you throw in the towel. We’ve seen it time and time again. No budget for web design or social media marketing? Then you better add web designer and social media marketing expert to whatever your start-up is because it is a full time job. Imagine this… what if I tried to provide whatever service it is you are trying to sell. Can I learn it in a couple weeks or months to become an expert?

We have been to conferences, we have taken courses, we research daily, we attend meetups, we listen to podcasts, we read books, our time spent on social media almost always ends up interacting with other professionals in our business. Do you have the time for that? If you don’t I guarantee what you put out won’t get you the results that what we create will. Competition for attention on the internet is very competitive, there are 5 billion people on the internet. If your website isn’t slick they will pass you by and move on to the next. You have about 8 seconds to make an impression.

Money. If you want to make money you’ve got to spend money. It’s just a fact. We have spent a lot of money on travel, attending conferences, and purchasing training courses from experts in the business, for YEARS.We have to constantly be learning because technology is constantly changing. We invest money and time in the materials we need to do our job-software,computers,reliable hosting, etc.

A website or any social media marketing is an investment, it is a required tool if you want to make money. You will also have us, we’re awesome and we love helping people.

Hire us to help you, it’s soooo much easier and less expensive if we help you from the beginning!