“I don’t like my domain name. Can I change it?”

We had built a wordpress website on the domain name www.myhomemadepettreats.com. Now my client wanted to change it to www.courtneysdogtreats.com. What’s the easiest way to do this? I asked Google and found a variety of answers, all of them complex and confusing.

After a phone call to my hosting provider I discovered a super easy solution! Manage WP is a plug in that lets you copy one wordpress site to another one with the click of a few buttons. This is a free plug in that I installed on the old site. Then I bought the new domain name, installed wordpress and installed Manage WP on the new site. At the Manage WP site I simply typed in the names of both websites and hit the clone button. In seconds all of the content on the old site was copied to the new one. I then typed in a simple redirect in my hosting cpanel so that anyone typing in the old domain address would be re directed automatically to the new domain. Pretty simple and fast!