How do you move forward with the goals for your business when your to-do list grows longer and longer, adding to your stress and overwhelm? Here’s a summary of the steps you can follow that will actually help you get and stay organized.

To Do List Formula, by Damon Zahariades

Step 1: Isolate current tasks (tasks you’ll finish before the day ends) from future tasks. Everything goes on one of these 2 lists. Today or Future.

Step 2: Define tasks by desired outcomes- how does this task move you towards a goal? Task>>>Why

Step 3: Break projects down into individualized tasks. Don’t put a project on your task list! It may help to create a seperate page for each project and list all the individual tasks there.

Step 4: Assign a realistic deadline to each task; change deadlines as needed, give yourself less time than you think you’ll need. Include reason for deadline if there is one.

Step 5: Limit the number of current tasks (which take 15 minutes or longer to complete) to 7 that you’ll get done by the end of the day. You look at your master task list and pick the 7 you’re going to work on for that day.

Step 6: Organize your master task list- keep projects together. Use seperate lists or color code your projects.

Step 7: Prune your list of unnecessary tasks- look and see if you listed wishes, resolutions(move to a Goals list),anything unclear or trivial and delete

Step 8: Estimate how long the task will take to complete. This will help you see if your 7 for the day can get done each day instead of rolling everything over to the next day

Step 9: Lead each task with an action verb

Step 10: Note which tasks require input from others.

Remember, each day only list no more than 7 tasks you will complete. This practice will help you choose wisely and keep moving towards your most important goals!