Lead Magnets Used by Successful Health Coaches in 2020

A lead magnet is a marketing term to refer to something that you offer your online visitors in exchange for their contact information. It’s like that drink you buy for someone you’d like to get to know better- if they smile and say yes, you both start sharing info to see if this might be the first of many conversations. A lead magnet is something you have that is valuable that your audience really wants to get.

Here’s an example that greets you right at the top of Ben Greenfield’s page:

Further down the page he also has two more lead magnets, that you can get for free just by providing your name and email. The drop down arrow engages readers to click boxes they are interested in, so Ben finds out their name, email and what they’re looking for. He can follow up with email specifically responding to those interests. He gets to find out a little bit about his potential clients and they get to find out more about him. Ben was voted the top Personal Fitness Trainer of the year.


The best lead magnet ideas include eBooks, quizzes, short how-to guides, newsletters, interactive chats, mini-courses, free coaching sessions, and recipes.


You’ve already seen Ben Greefield’s free ebooks. Another example of a health coach giving away an ebook is Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple. His free ebook is called “10 Foods You Should Be Eating for a Healthy Gut”. In his brief description he uses some great trigger words and phrases: “Ignoring…the health of your gut means gambling with your overall health and happiness. Luckily, simple dietary strategies are the most effective way to support the microbiome. To get you started on your journey to optimal gut flora click subscribe below to get your FREE ebook that describes 10 of the best foods for gut health.” Mark has 214,000 Facebook fans and posts every single day.

If writing like this is a struggle for you consider hiring a copywriter. Word choices matter!


As I searched through successful health coach websites I found 3 excellent examples of Quizzes (sometimes called Assessments). The offer- take this short fun quiz and learn something new about yourself. Notice how they “sell” their quizzes-the words you read before you click the Take the Quiz button:

Bright Line Eating– “Your brain may be blocking you from losing weight. Foods today are highly addictive, but not everyone is equally affected. Discovering your susceptibility to addictive foods is the first step to getting Happy, Thin and Free. How susceptible are you? Take the Quiz Now.” The hook? Curiosity.

JJ Virgin– “No counting points or calories- just great community and lasting success. Take this 60-second quiz to find the right plan for you.”

Dave Smith, from Make Your Body Work- “Fat-Loss Assessment: This quick diagnostic will show you which of the 4 keys to lasting weight-loss you’ve accidentally overlooked… BEGIN ASSESSMENT.”

Short How-to Guide

In this category of effective lead magnets, you are offering a solution. Here are five examples- notice in each one the language used to describe the offer.


Elizabeth Rider

Elizabeth began as a blogger, then offered 1-on-1 coaching and then group coaching, then created and sold online courses. Today she has a 7 figure Health & Wellness business online.

Elissa Goodman

Elissa beat cancer with a healthy diet. Now its her mission to “educate and encourage healthy, mindful living helping others embrace the concept that we are a product of what we eat and how we treat ourselves. 

Anjali Shah

Anjali shares healthy kid and family friendly recipes, shopping lists and more on her website at pickyeaterblog.com. She shares some of her weekly meal plans for free on her website. How does she make money? She generates over $3,000 a month just from sales on Amazon of her book “The Super Easy Baby Food Cookbook”.

Maria Marlowe- Real Food Remedies 


Samantha Gladish

Weight loss and women’s hormone coach, and author of The 30 Day Hormone Solution. Her lead magnet- 5 Day Sugar detox-is right at the top of her home page on holisticwellness.ca:

Conversational AI– Interactive Chat Boxes

By the year 2020, 85% of all customer service interactions will be conducted through chatbots. The technology is improving so that this feels more personalized and human. Coaches are using chatbots to engage visitors in conversation and when the experience is a good one visitors gladly provide their contact information for more connection with you. Here’s an  example:

Elly McGuinness

This is what I saw after clicking “Sounds Good, How?”

lead magnet inspiration

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