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I can manage your entire business as an OBM, or I can step in for one project as a Launch Manager to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

Are you getting bogged down in endless details?

  • We’ll take care of Email Automation
  • Provide FB Group admin support
  • Streamline and Automate your Systems
  • Tired of looking for reliable, trustworthy support?


An entire launch system set up, so that you don’t have to think about any of the tech, no balls get dropped, your launch is successful, your income leaps forward, and more people experience the transformation you offer.

You Will Be…

Running your business in a way that gives you time to do what you enjoy most! You get to focus on what you do best, confident that everything else is being taken care of.

Your support team

julie ruark

julie ruark

Online Business Manager & Digital Marketing Agency Owner

I partner with you to make sure your client acquisition system is working!

If we’re working on a launch I oversee planning, setup and execution. I anticipate and solve problems before launches, and remain diligent during and after the launch to make sure your potential clients have a great customer experience!

You can breathe a sigh of relief and focus on what you do best- delivering a great program- while I make sure no balls get dropped and your tech keeps working. Skills include: Keap, Clickup, WordPress, FB Ads, A.I. tools, Thrivecart, Active Campaign, Google Search Ads, Copywriting.

    ian ruark

    ian ruark

    Video editor, Graphic design

    • Video & Audio editing
    • VA services
    • Photo editing
    • Video production & photography (for Michigan clients)
    • Graphic Design
    • Logo Design
    Enid Smith

    Enid Smith

    Social Media


    • Graphic Design
    • Logo Design
    • Social Media Content Creator
    • VA services

    Have more questions about how I can help or are not sure if our services are right for you? Let’s chat about it! Discovery calls are always free. We can meet on Zoom or talk on the phone.



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