Top 10 Ted Talks – Health

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Ten Most-Viewed TED Talks About Health:

  1. Teach Every Child About Food- Jamie Oliver- 9.3 million views
  2. How Sugar Affects the Brain- Nicole Avena- 8.1 million 
  3. The Brain-Changing Benefits of Exercise- Wendy Suzuki- 7.5 million 
  4. How the Food You Eat Affects Your Brain- Mia Nacamulli- 6.4  million 
  5. Why Dieting Doesn’t Usually Work- Sandra Aamodt- 4.6 million 
  6. Is the Obesity Crisis Hiding a Bigger Problem?- Peter Attia- 4 million 
  7. How to Live to Be 100+- Dan Benttner- 4 million 
  8. Why Some People Find Exercise Harder than Others- Emily Balcetis
  9. Plus-size? More Like My Size- Ashley Graham- 3.4 million 
  10. Got a Meeting? Take a Walk- Nilofer Merchant- 3.2 million