This is from Grace Lever’s team at the Doers Way, who recently hosted a fantastic Virtual Retreat.


  • Don’t be discouraged if people don’t respond right away. 30% of people will buy from you eventually (they’re saying “not yet”)
  • To stay out of spam folders and promotions folders-Use simple, plain text- no branding, no logos, no images is best! These things all flag Gmail to tag your email as marketing. See Seth Godin’s very plain looking email for a good example. 
  • Subject line- has to be curiosity driven.
  • Test all of your email to yourself. Where does it go? Your Promotions folder?
  • Your list is a PERSON not a NUMBER. Focus on building RELATIONSHIPS with your list, not simply adding more subscribers
  • Email your list DAILY. The average office worker gets 121 emails a DAY. Chances are, if they didn’t engage with the first email you sent, it’s because they never saw it. Yes, I get email from Seth Godin every day. It’s short and thought provoking and I look forward to reading it. How can I share content like that?
  • Give first to create feel-good vibes. Lead with value, generosity, and education. Talk TO them, rather than simply ABOUT you.
  • We’re building a list for our business, not our friendship circle. If we don’t confidently pursue our market and offer them a solution to their problems, someone else will.
  • This works for Prospects and Customers. Don’t stop emailing someone who has bought from you.

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